Katie Wallace

In 2011 Katie Wallace, a parent of an East End Community School student, was volunteering in her daughter’s kindergarten class; helping the teacher set up for “snack time.”

Katie noticed that many of the kids didn’t have any snacks and waited until snack time was over to rejoin their classmates. She also observed that these students weren’t simply missing out on snack time, they were hungry kids.

Once she learned that these kids simply didn’t have the means to bring their own snacks to school, Katie began to deliver extra food to the school to accommodate those who were going without – and soon, for the kids in every classroom.

In 2013 the Good Shepherd Food Bank gave Katie a grant of $4,000 and helped her set up a food pantry in the school nurse’s office. The Good Shepherd Food Bank provides food at-cost and sometimes for no cost. This initial grant served as the basis for the Locker Project. The simple goal of allowing every student access to nourishing food at snack time has turned into a program that has stretched to over a dozen schools in Southern Maine.

Katie Brown

In 2014 Katie Brown joined the Locker Project as Executive Director. Her extensive experience working in the non-profit space was able to help Katie Wallace expand the Locker Project’s reach. Katie manages the day to day operations; in short, she facilitates deliveries, coordinates volunteers, organizes events & fundraisers and handles just about anything else that pops up.