Green Bag Schedule

Monday: Westbrook Middle School (1-2); Casco Bay High School (1-2)

Tuesday: Sagamore Village Pantry (AM); North Deering Gardens (11-12)

Wednesday: South Portland Quality Inn,
Portland High and Talbot School (1-2)

Thursday: Deering High (1-2); First Baptist Church Westbrook (3-4, weather permitting)

Our school-based take-home food programs are ongoing in Portland, Westbrook, and South Portland. We are welcoming volunteers for a variety of roles. Please join our Volunteers FB group or reach out to the staff if you’re interested! #feedingthefuture

March 14, 2020:
To all our friends and supporters,

Thank you for your many offers to help. Once again, this wonderful, caring community leads the way.

The Locker Project remains focused on our mission to connect food-insecure children and families with the nourishing food they will need in the days and weeks ahead. With schools in Portland, South Portland and Westbrook closed for at least the next two weeks, we’ll be working with our partners to distribute the healthy food available as safely and effectively as possible. Check for updates here and on our facebook page. 

Thank you!