What’s the Problem?

In Maine, one in five children regularly experiences food insecurity.

Maine has the highest child hunger rate in New England.

Child hunger exists in even the wealthiest Maine communities.

There is enough healthy food to share with every child in need of good nutrition.

Schools are the most convenient place for children to access healthy food that might not be available at home.

Learning capacity, school absenteeism, behavioral problems, and serious health issues among students can be addressed in large part simply by helping kids access the nutrition they need to thrive.

With federal school meals programs providing children from low-income families with school breakfast and lunch, the times children are most likely to go hungry are in the evenings, during weekends and over long school breaks, including the summer months.

Through our partnerships with the Good Shepherd Food Bank, South Portland Food Cupboard, local markets, farmers and gardeners, the Locker Project is able to provide nutritious food to Maine children in need, both during the school day and to take home to share with their families.